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A core value of In-Home Tutors is to be an easy company to do business with. That means minimal paperwork for you and our tutors, and as few rules as possible. We do not lock you into any number of lessons, and you are free to arrange any schedule that works for both you and your tutor. But there are a few commonsense terms and conditions we need you to review. Please read the Terms of Service and then log in below to get started.

Cancellation Policies

1. In the event of illness or family scheduling problems, appointments may be canceled or rescheduled if 24 hours notice is given to the instructor. As the instructor may not be aware of your child’s school holidays, it is the parent’s responsibility to inform the instructor of any regularly scheduled lesson that the parent would like to reschedule or cancel due to a school holiday.

2. If the student and caretaker are not at the location at the scheduled time, the instructor will wait 20 minutes for them to arrive. After this 20 minute waiting period, the lesson will be forfeited and the parent will be responsible for the payment of the missed lesson. When lessons start late (but instructor has arrived on time), instructor may shorten length of lesson accordingly.

3. You may suspend tutoring and cancel this agreement at any time with 24-hours notice.

An Adult Must Be on Site during Tutoring

4. A parent or caretaker must be at the location during instruction. Alternately, sessions may take place at a public venue such as a library. The Instructor will ensure that an adult is within sight of the tutoring.

Payment Arrangements

5. In-Home Tutors requires pre-payment for the first hour.  Thereafter, the company will email invoices monthly in arrears. The parent will have at least seven (7) days to make payment, after which In-Home Tutors will automatically process a payment with the addition of a $5 processing fee.

6. The instructor will receive a Lesson Record sheet which serves as a record of lesson dates. The Instructor’s copy of the Lesson Record Sheet must be signed at each lesson by the parent or by the student.

7. The minimum charge for any lesson is the hourly rate. Lessons that last more than one hour will be charged in increments of 15 minutes.

Instructor Status

8. Instructors working through In-Home Tutors have agreed, in writing, that they will not accept direct employment from any client of In-Home Tutors. This agreement is in effect for a period of two years after termination of their agreement with us. As a client of In-Home Tutors, you must not directly solicit or engage the services of any of In-Home Tutors instructors except through In-Home Tutors.


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